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Hello, my name is Jay Kibbee, I’m a local google+ business specialist.   In the next few seconds, I’m going to tell you what everyone wants to know:

What’s In It For Me?


I offer EXCLUSIVE local business website ranking services designed to list and rank your business in the Google 7-Pack or Google Places (now called “GoogleMyBusiness”)!  I’m sure you know by now, but SEO = search engine optimization…translation: making YOUR business show-up when people search for your type of business.

Example of how I can place your business on Google Places/Google Maps and generate more phone calls & inquiries!

Example of how I can place your business on Google Places/Google Maps and generate more phone calls!

I could ramble on with ‘statistics’ driving home the point of why you need to be on this money-getting list, but you already know…you likely get cold-called and ‘pitched’ all day from overseas/start-up SEO services promising to rank your website on google for $1500/month!

The ‘Your Business Here’ IMAGE shows you a Sample GoogleMyBusiness/7-Pack list.


The fact is if you’re not on GoogleMaps for YOUR area and YOUR type of business and your competitor is… THEY are getting YOUR calls!


Go to google (, type in your type of business/service and see if YOUR business shows up in the list.

For Example:  “Insurance Agent in Des Moines” or “Des Moines Dentist” or “Salon in Des Moines”, you get the idea.

SAD FACT:  Google has already built you a website and guess what?…if Google owns that site, yet allows your business to occupy it, that site is going to RANK very well, show-up and STAND-OUT when people search for you (IF property set-up and optimized).  It’s sad, simply because business owners tell me how much money they’ve spent on their website… THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!  Not only that, but they pay hundreds, if not thousands PER MONTH with very little result!   Another sad fact:  52% of businesses haven’t even claimed their FREE GoogleMyBusiness site yet!   FREE Tip:  Go to:

Here are a few of the advantages to have a GoogleMyBusiness (formerly GooglePlaces) listing…

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How Many New Customer Calls Are You Going To Let Your “Competition” Steal?

I will do all the work for you, rank your business within the 7-pack(see image below) and make it STAND-OUT from your competitors so YOU get the phone calls they’re getting now.

THIS is the 7-Pack.  You've seen it, NOW get listed & ranked in it to make your business STAND-OUT!

THIS is the 7-Pack. You’ve seen it, NOW get listed & ranked in it to make your business STAND-OUT!

I Will…

1. Claim and Verify your GoogleMyBusiness (GooglePlaces) business listing.

2.  Create and Add all relevant, keyword-optimized content, photos, etc.

3.  Add positive reviews so your business STANDS-OUT within the list!

4.  Create a separate, special website (fully optimized for searches) to help your current website AND your listing rank better.

5.  Maintain your ‘Reviews’ in order to reduce negative feedback before a disgruntled customer/client posts their feelings all over the web!

6.  Do all of the above, plus a lot of ‘Behind the Scenes’ stuff, all the while I AVOID the easy to make mistakes which Google penalizes and punishes most business listings for!

 2 Ways I Can Get This Done For You…

1.  Pay-For-Performance Option: ($0 Upfront Cost)  I will do all of the above work and maintain your rank and reviews in exchange for a fair percentage of all new gross sales I generate for you!  (results are tracked/measured and a simple joint-venture agreement will be used.)

2.  $300 fee upfront and $300 per month, no monthly contract, no obligation to continue.  (results are tracked/measured)

I accept Visa, MC, Discover, Amex, PayPal and Checks.

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Is your business already ON GooglePlaces (7-Pack) and you just want to improve your rank or need help to STAND-OUT?  Call or email me for a review and affordable quote.